Create tables in Airtable with Webflow form submissions

Create tables in Airtable with Webflow form submissions

This automation workflow will dynamically create tables in an Airtable base for each of your Webflow Site Forms. Then, every form submission will be added as a record in those tables.

You do not have to create this because it is already done for you, just import it onto your canvas.

This is a no-code solution. You do not have to add any custom code to your Webflow site or forms. You also do not need to modify any of the nodes accept for connecting your access token credentials. Once you add your credentials to this workflow it will automatically start capturing form submissions.

Optional: Webflow template used in this guide

Getting started

  1. Sign-up or login to n8n
  2. Create a blank workflow
  3. Copy the workflow URL below
  4. Import the workflow using the copied URL
  5. Connect your credentials
  6. Activate workflow
Copy Workflow URL

Creating a new workflow and importing from the workflow URL above

Click on workflows and then on "Add Workflow"
In the top right corner expand the options and choose Import from URL
Paste the workflow URL you can copy at the top of this post and click on import
Now the workflow is on your canvas

Connecting your accounts

  1. Create Webflow API Token (API V1) credentials
  2. Create Airtable base
  3. Generate Personal Access Token for your base in the Developer Hub
  4. Add the following scopes to your token
Scopes for your Airtable Personal Access Token

5. Give access to relevant bases

6. Go to n8n credential manager and click on "Add Credential" then search for "Airtable" and select "Airtable Personal Access Token API" and paste the token you got from Airtable in step 5. Rename the credential for simple reference later

7. Add another credential for Webflow. Click on "Add Credential" then search for Webflow then select "Webflow API" then paste your token you get from Webflow in step 1 and save. Again, rename your credential for easy access later.

Connecting credentials to nodes

Only update the nodes directed in the post. Do not modify any of the other nodes unless you

Open the Webflow Submission Triger node
Expand the Credential to connect with dropdown then select the Webflow credential you created in step 1
Now select the site name from the dropdown. In this example our website was called Copy of Tutum
Leave the event as Form Submission and go back to the canvas
On the canvas open the first Airtable node
Select the relevant Personal Access Token you created in step 6
From the Base dropdown list select the Base you want Webflow form submissions to go to
On the canvas open the Find Webflow Form Record node and open it
Again select the relevant Personal Access Token
Do not modify or change other settings in this node
Open the Create Index Reference Table node
Select the relevant Personal Access Token in the Credential for Airtable Personal Access Token API dropdown
Open the Create Webflow Form Table node
Again select the relevant credential here
Do the same for the last two Airtable nodes. Open them and select the relevant credential from the dropdown

Activate your workflow

If all your credentials have been added to the nodes and the correct scopes are defined for your Airtable Personal Access Token then after you activate your workflow and submit a form in Webflow you will have two new tables in your Airtable base

Toggle to activate the workflow on the top right corner of the canvas